Phanteks announces its new Glacier One T30 v2 AIO kits


Phanteks announces new watercooling kits Glacier One T30 v2, AIO kits equipped with powerful fans. For the occasion, the brand proceeds to a small facelift while proposing a model in 360 mm.

Glacier One T30 v2 : the new AIO from Phanteks !

Phanteks Glacier One 360 T30 v2On the menu, Phanteks turns again to Asetek for its watercooling kits. We find this time, a pump of eighth generation working up to 2600 RPM ±300 RPM. This last one will be installed on the latest sockets which are the LGA-1700 and AM5/AM4.

On the heat sink side, there is now something better with a square aluminum block on which the brand logo appears. Moreover, it is much thinner than the previous generation: 30 mm against 38 mm before.

However, there is no change in terms of ventilation since we still have the right to the famous T30 120 mm. These fans have a speed selector on the motor allowing them to adopt three different ventilation profiles:

  • 3000 RPM: 101 CFM – 0.28 inchH20 (7.11 mmH2O after conversion…)
  • 2000 RPM: 101 CFM – 0.13 inchH20 (3.30 mmH2O after conversion…)
  • 1200 RPM : 101 CFM – 0,05 inchH20 (1,27 mmH2O after conversion…)

Phanteks Glacier One 240 T30 v2

Otherwise, we can always count on a pump cover as always worked. The latter has an aRGB lighting with infinite depth effect mirror. It always looks so good!

For the price, ouch, since the 360 mm version is announced at 289.90 € while the 240 mm version is not yet known. The Asetek 8th gen base must really be expensive.

Here is the Phanteks datasheet !