PCIe 7.0 version 0.5 is ready


PCI-SIG, the consortium behind the development of the PCI express standard, has announced the release of version 0.5 of its standard. As a reminder, this PCIe 7.0 should double the bandwidth of the 6.0 standard.

PCIe 7.0: version 0.5 of the standard is ready!

PCI-SIG PCIe 7.0Of course, the primary objective of this revision is to offer double the bandwidth of PCIe version 6.0. At present, we’re at PCIe 5.0, which can be found on some motherboards. However, only SSDs and some Chinese graphics cards use this interface.

So, while 512 GB/s of bandwidth on a 16-lane interface may sound like a dream, it’s not going to happen on the consumer market any time soon.

In the meantime, we’ve learned that this standard will enable better interconnection for server-oriented applications, machine learning, cloud services and data centers. It’s easy to see which applications will be the first to benefit from this standard.

Otherwise, at the current rate of development, we can expect version 1.0 of the standard to be available by 2025. What’s more, we learn that Alphawave Semi has already developed hardware capable of generating and measuring PCIe 7.0 signals.