O11 Vision Chrome: a case with one-way glass!


Lian Li announces the O11 Vision Chrome, a new version of its O11 Vision. The case now features a glass panel with an effect similar to one-way glass!

O11 Vision Chrome: one-way glass on Lian Li’s case!

Lian Li PC-O11 Vision ChromeThe base of the case, the O11 Vision, has not evolved. The case measures 304 (W) x 480 (D) x 464.5 (H) mm. It also adopts a compartmentalized design for better cable and airflow management. In fact, by positioning the PSU at the rear of the motherboard tray, fans can be mounted at the bottom of the case.

Speaking of fans, this model can accommodate up to eight 120 mm fans. Three slots are available on the bottom and side of the motherboard(E-ATX max), versus two on the rear. As for watercooling, we can fit a 360 mm radiator and a second 240 mm one.

As for the rest of the components, Lian Li has announced compatibility with 455 mm graphics cards. The CPU cooler is 167 mm high, while the power supply is 220 mm.

Finally, this case is original for its three one-way windows. These are located on the top, front and left sides of the case. The aim here is to highlight the aRGB lighting of your components, since this is the only thing you’ll see when the PC is switched on!

The official price is €159.90!

Here’s the Lian Li product sheet!