Nvidia set to make dramatic price cuts


This is a very paradoxical situation and one that greatly handicaps Nvidia’ s year-end plans. The overflow of stock at its partners (brands and wholesalers) mortgages the chances to benefit from a launch in good conditions of the RTX 40. The PC market coming to a screeching halt and the sudden end of the euphoria (including cryptos), penalizes most companies in the PC ecosystem. Nvidia and others, who have a major launch on this year, know that this is a key to revive demand. Under these conditions, cleaning up inventory has become crucial. According to sources, Nvidia is about to take aggressive steps to do a major cleanup. It is reported that a new round of drops could apply by the end of August, a situation that could cause prices to fall further as current cards, even below MSRP, struggle to sell. So will Nvidia really pull out some big discounts to wake up the market?

Nvidia réductions prix
Nvidia ready to make big discounts on its RTX 30s?

For the moment we have not had any confirmation of these rumors and we will have to observe on which references the greens intend to apply them. We all know that the RTX 3090/80/80ti are going to be replaced and that’s where we see the biggest cuts today…But what about the “smaller” RTXs that could live for a few more months, at least until the first quarter of 2023?

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