Noctua’s “poor man’s” RTX 4070 Ti launched in Japan!


In this world, there are ASUS RTX 40 Noctua Edition and there are others. We’re going to talk about the others again, because after unveiling some “slightly lame” cards, Cycom is launching its “poor man’s” RTX 4070 Ti Noctua. Of course, it’s all a bit “clickbait” (I’ll stop with the quotation marks), but we have to admit that the integration of the Austrian blowers is a bit… shady.

RTX 4070 Ti Noctua Master Silent, the card launched by Cycom!

After seeing this, you’ll understand why we call them “poor man’s cards”. The design and integration of the Austrian’s NF-A12x25 fans is done in a very basic way. Simply put, it’s a steel casing onto which two fans are screwed.

However, if the aesthetic aspect leaves something to be desired, especially when compared with the Asus solution (which was the result of a partnership between the two brands), the performance is spot on. Compared with a competitor’s card, Sycom’s is cooler by up to 5°C. On average, under load, the temperature gain is a marginal -2°C. However, it’s the noise level that sets this model apart: 11.5 dB less!

Despite this, the card remains particularly bulky, occupying 3.8 slots in a case. The length is no less than 315 mm. The base frequency is 2310 MHz, with a boost to 2610 MHz – the reference frequencies.

Here’s the Cycom datasheet!