Noctua: small adjustments to the roadmap!


On the Noctua side, we note a few minor adjustments to the company’s roadmap. Indeed, the brand has postponed the launch of one of their upcoming products: the new-generation 140 mm fan!

Noctua: the new 140 mm fan postponed to the second quarter of 2024!

roadmap Noctua d├ęcembre 2023

If we look at this roadmap, compared with the one from October, we can already see that NH-D9L and NH-L9x65 are no longer on it. This is quite normal, as the company launched them last month, so don’t panic.

In the end, the main change concerns the new-generation 140 mm fan. As a reminder, this is the successor to the NF-A14 and NF-A15. In fact, it’s this fan that will be mounted on the brand’s new generation 140 mm double-tower heatsink, alas, the future NH-D15! In fact, a prototype of this fan was seen at Computex.

To return to the facts, the NH-D15 has been postponed, and will no longer be launched in the first quarter of 2024, but in the second quarter. In the end, it’s highly likely that the company will launch its new D15 at the same time as its new fan.

Otherwise, the NH-D12L is still scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024. The same goes for the next-generation NH-L12 and the black version of the 14 mm next-gen fan, due to arrive later in the year.

All in all, this December should see the arrival of small 24V-powered fans, obviously very practical in the 3D printing field. Stay tuned!