Noctua NM-M1 mounting kits with Torx screws!


Noctua offers new mounting kits for its fans. The company has announced its NM-M1 kits, available in MP83 and MP78 versions. But what has changed? Simply the clamping screws!

NM-M1: mounting kits with Torx screws!

Noctua NM-M1 MP78 & MP83

The first thing to note is that these mounting kits are complete. They come with mounting brackets for the  cooler. On the other, you’ll find an Intel backplate and the corresponding mounting arms. The same applies to AMD platforms, with the added bonus of an offset mounting kit. As a reminder, Noctua has announced a reduction in temperatures when using it.

However, the main innovation with these kits concerns the mounting screws. Gone are the Philips crossheads, replaced by Torx heads. According to Noctua, this type of screw reduces the risk of the screwdriver “slipping” on the head. This happens particularly often when you don’t have the right angle and have to screw in tight places… When the configuration is already in the case, for example.

In any case, these kits are already available on Price: between €22 and €25, depending on color (black or silver). Note that the Torx 20 screwdriver is included, and will make your heatsink compatible with all sockets on the market (AM5/4 – LGA-1851/1700/1200/115x).