[Computex 2023] Save 3°C on your Ryzen with Noctua


In addition to its new-generation NH-D15 and NF-A14, Noctua is exhibiting a new AMD mounting system on its Computex stand. This takes into account the position of the CCDs on Ryzen processors, allowing the heatsink to be offset. In this way, cooling is positioned above the CPU’s heating elements.

NM-AMB12: save up to 3°C for just $4!

Noctua NM-AMB12The chiplet design of the Ryzen 7000 means that the CPU heating elements are not positioned in the center of the IHS. In fact, the Core Complex heaters are positioned at the bottom of the CPU. So, while a number of heatsinks are AM5-compatible, they are not optimally mounted. This is a problem that Noctua wanted to correct with its new mounting set.

Noctua NM-AMB12

Once in place, the cpu cooler is shifted slightly downwards, positioning its base directly above the heating elements. According to the Austrian brand, this saves up to 3°C. The other advantage is that the solution is not very expensive, costing just $4.

It’s an interesting solution, especially as it doesn’t cost very much. And it won’t be long before it arrives. The brand plans to launch it next month. In short, we find a system similar to the mounting mechanism of the Liquid Freezer II from Arctic :

Arctic montage offset.