No white fans from Noctua… For the moment


At Noctua, you’ll have to make do with brown/beige or black fans. Unfortunately, the development of a white color has been suspended by the brand, at least that’s what we learn from messages posted by the brand on Twitter/X.

Noctua: white fans are off the agenda!

Noctua ventilateur Chromax - ventilateurs blancsInitially unveiled in 2019, the brand’s fans have been postponed many times. Indeed, they were first scheduled for 2021 before being pushed back to 2022 and then 2023. Sadly, the “sad” news is out: no white fans for Noctua for a long time to come.

In a response to a twittos asking for a white NF-A12x25 to accompany its H9 Elite, the brand indicated to :

“We’ve made the decision to focus our priorities and resources on developing technical projects like the next generation of 14cm fans, so white fans have been put on hold and removed from the roadmap. At present, it is unclear whether the project will be relaunched or not”.

Via our colleagues, we learn that one of the reasons why the brand can’t offer new colors so easily is because of the base material: LCP. LCP ensures good fan rigidity. However, to dye it, dye must be added, which diminishes the qualities of the LCP used. However, the brand wants the performance of its colored fans to be the same as that of its brown/beige fans.

Finding the right ratio requires time, research and financial resources, which the brand prefers to divert for the time being.