The next Hynix A-Die chips very powerful?


In recent weeks, we have had the opportunity to review a whole series of DDR5 memory kits. These will also be compatible with the next AMD chipset which will be released in September. Currently, there are three types of DDR5 memory chips: Micron, Samsung and Hynix M-Die. These are the ones that offer the best potential in overclocking at the moment. They allow us to see kits with an XMP of 6600 MT/s in CL32. But this could still improve with the Hynix A-Die chips.

As seems to confirm the tweet of Raichu. In it, we discover two screenshots where a DDR5 kit that seems to be equipped with Hynix A-Die chips manages to reach in air the 7800 MT/s in CL32. This is not the XMP frequency but an overclocking since the VDD and VDDQ voltages are close to 1.60 volt. Puces DDR5 Hynix A-Die The upcoming arrival of the new Intel Z790 chipset and Raptor Lake (13xxx) should allow us to reach frequencies of 8000 MT/s in air and of course, in overclocking. Currently, we manage without too much difficulty to bencher at 7400 MT/s CL32 on our ROG Z690 APEX 2022. So we are looking forward to the arrival of these new Hynix A-Die memory chips.