New MSI keyboard with Vigor GK50 Elite TKL


The Vigor GK50 Elite TKL is the latest MSI keyboard to appear in the brand’s catalog. This is a mechanical model in TKL format, i.e. without numeric keypad. The advantage is its price, which looks rather affordable!

Vigor GK50 Elite TKL: a new MSI keyboard!

MSI Vigor GK50 Elite TKL

With this new keyboard, MSI announces a model in TKL format. To save space on the desk, the keyboard loses its numeric keypad. Fortunately, numbers are still accessible via a special character shift.

Otherwise, the keyboard is purely in the spirit of the brand, with an aluminum cover plate. Above the arrow-shaped keypad, it features the brand’s dragon logo.

On the mechanical side, the brand turns to Kailh and its Box White, Red or Blue switches. The brand offers linear, clicky typing sensations with the White and Blue. With the reds, on the other hand, expect springy noises in all directions.

MSI Vigor GK50 Elite TKL

Internally, this model features a memory for storing three different profiles. Otherwise, the polling rate is 1000 Hz, and there are N-Key and 6-Key rollovers. Finally, there’s a 16 million-color backlight that can be controlled via MSI Center, while the USB-C cable is detachable.

Pricing is currently unknown. However, we’re expecting a rather sweet bill, as the 104-key model can be found for between €80 and €90 on the internet.