MSI’s simple solution for the 12VHPWR problems!


MSI has come up with a solution to make sure you’ve connected your 12VHPWR correctly. The company simply tints the base of the connector yellow. That way, if you see color, it’s not properly connected.

Is a yellow connector the solution for correctly connecting your 12VHPWR?

MSI 12VHPWR connecteurVia the PCWorld youtube channel, we discover MSI’s solution to the problem of incorrectly connected 12VHPWR connectors. To achieve this, the company has dyed the end of the connector yellow. This way, when the connector is plugged in, no color is visible. If yellow is visible, it’s because it’s not properly connected.

Unfortunately, this specific connector can cause combustion problems if incorrectly plugged in. Yes, let’s not forget that it can deliver up to 600W of power, and such wattage on small contact surfaces, especially if the cable is poorly connected, can quickly turn into a catastrophe. We’ve seen it happen on several occasions (here or here), stories about cables or H.S. graphics cards that have been mishandled are not uncommon.

MSI has come up with a solution that’s quick and easy to implement. What’s more, with the high contrast induced by the yellow color, it allows you to check at a glance that the cable is properly connected, and thus avoid fires.