MSI updates its motherboards with AGESA!


With the arrival of the Ryzen 8000G in the near future, MSI is updating the BIOS of its motherboards. While not all AM5 models are concerned, a large part of the brand’s catalog has received this precious sesame. This update contains the AGESA code.

AGESA new BIOS update from MSI!

Source : Wccftech

MSI is rolling out a number of BIOS updates for its motherboards. This latest update is directly linked to the launch of the Ryzen 8000G APUs, due to arrive shortly. However, it should be pointed out that this BIOS is in beta version… It’s up to you to decide whether it’s better to wait for a final version.

In any case, the change note isn’t very explicit and doesn’t give much indication as to what has or hasn’t been improved. Of course, we suspect that optimizations will be made, but it remains to be seen which ones.

As for updated motherboards, this concerns more or less the entire MSI range. Apparently, only the X670E Godlike and a few A620 and B650 models have not yet received this sesame, but it’s not far off. Of course, to find out whether your card needs updating, the best thing to do is find your model directly on the company’s website.