MP33Q & Vulcan Z QLC: two Teamgroup SSDs with NAND QLC


Teamgroup announces two new series of SSDs that should be affordable. Indeed, with its MP33Q and T-Force Vulcan Z QLC, the brand announces SSDs equipped with QLC type memory.

MP33Q, SSDs in M.2 format!

With the MP33Q, the brand announces a total of three SSDs in M.2 format, with capacities of 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. With these products, the brand is not racing for performance, on the contrary, we find a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface.

This translates into maximum sequential speeds of 2.5 GB / s in reading against 2.1 GB / s in writing. At the level of the random performances, the company announces 220k IOPS in reading against 410k IOPS in writing on the model of 2Tb, the fastest.

As for endurance, we have a 512 GB version with 120 TBW against 240 TBW in 1 TB and 480 TBW in 2 TB.

Teamgroup MP33Q & Vuclan Z QLC

T-Force Vulcan Z QLC, SATA models!

In addition to the M.2 versions, the company offers more conventional versions of its SSDs. We find the Vulcan Z QLC adopting a 2.5″ format with a SATA interface. Here, clearly, the goal is to offer SSDs at a very attractive price.

Regarding capacities, the brand offers models in 2TB and 4TB. The latter show a rather low performance compared to other products on the market. The sequential read/write speeds are 550 MB/s and 510 MB/s for the fastest version. However, nothing is said about the random performance. As for endurance, it offers 600 TBW in 2TB and 900 TBW in 4TB.

Unfortunately, no price is known for the moment, but it doesn’t look very expensive.

Here and there are the Teamgroup datasheets !