Motherboards: 10 million fewer units shipped in 2022


After the hard drives and processors it is the turn of motherboards to be hit by the current context. Indeed, shipments of this component were down in 2022. We are still talking about a drop in sales of around 25%!

Shipments of motherboards were down by 25% in 2022!

La carte mère AORUS X670E Master

We learn today that in 2022 the motherboard market was far from doing well. Indeed, compared to 2021, shipments are down and not just a little since the year 2022 saw its shipments fall by about 10 million units.

In the lot, the most impacted by the current state of the economy are ASRock and MSI, which saw their shipments fall by 42% and 55% respectively. MSI was shipping 9.5 million cards in 2021 versus 5.5 million in 2022. As for ASRock, the number drops from 6 million in 2021 to 2.7 million in 2022.

Finally, the least affected is Gigabyte, which sees its shipments fall by “only” 14% (9.5 million against 11 million in 2021). Finally, on the side of Asus, shipments would drop by a quarter in 2022, settling at 13.6 million cards against more than 18 million in 2021.

Again, the causes of this slowdown relate to the current particularly gloomy context. As a reminder, between inflation, the end of GPU mining and the end of various confinements, the demand falls drastically. Currently, to build a PC, it must be said, you must be at least wealthy, when you see the price of components… Especially in AMD where it is very difficult to find an AM5 card under 200 €. Add to that the price of the graphics card and you are forced to break your PEL.