MC310: a first ultra light mouse from DeepCool!


DeepCool decides to enter a new sector of the computer world. Indeed, the brand announces its MC310, a mouse designed for gamers. As you will see, it takes all the codes of the current ultra light models!

MC310: a new ultra light mouse, but signed DeepCool!

DeepCool MC310With its first mouse, DeepCool decided to tackle the market of ultra light gaming mice. Its first mouse weighs only 75g and has an ambidextrous grip. However, it is not a pure ambidextrous mouse, as the additional buttons are only present on the left side of the mouse. Nevertheless, DeepCool makes it suitable for palm grip, claw grip and finger grip.

Otherwise, internally, we find an optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 12800 DPI while being able to withstand accelerations of 20G. Unfortunately, the brand does not specify the origin of the sensor. As for the switches, DeepCool turns to Huano for the switches of its clicks. Finally, we learn that the polling rate goes up to 1000 Hz and that a small memory of 32 Kb is part of the game.

Finally, we have the right to a flexible cord and PTFE pads. For the RGB, two areas are present: at the level of the wheel and at the level of the base. Of course, customization is possible and for this, you will have to turn to the software of the brand.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is an affordable mouse since it costs €29.99.

Here is the DeepCool datasheet (in Polish)!

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