Little by little, the 4090 disappears from Chinese manufacturing sites


The original RTX 4090 is gradually disappearing from manufacturers’ sites in China. Gainward and Galax are two flagrant examples… Especially since Galax announced a 4090 20th Anniversary shortly before the US sanctions came into force!

RTX 4090: the card disappears from Chinese manufacturer sites!

Galax RTX 4090 Chine
Source : VideoCardz

If you take a look at the Chinese branches of some graphics card manufacturers’ websites, you may no longer find the RTX 4090. This is particularly true of the Gainward and Galax brands, because, as a reminder, China is undergoing sanctions from the Americans. These prohibit the export of high-performance computer hardware to the Middle Kingdom. Uncle Sam fears military development using US technologies.

Shortly before the ban, NVIDIA was bringing a maximum number of GPUs into China. However, as the days went by, stocks dwindled and some brands decided to stop displaying the card on their sites.

RTX 4090 Gainward Chine
Source : VideoCardz

The situation is all the more damaging for brands such as Galax, which announced an anniversary card shortly before the new restrictions. The sad part is that the card was launched to celebrate the brand’s 20 years of business in China… It didn’t last very long.

In the end, some brands simply do as NVIDIA does, erasing all trace of the card. It remains to be seen how long it will take the Chameleon to offer its “D”version of the 4090 as a replacement.