LGA-1851: Azza kits already compatible!


Like Noctua, the Azza brand, which recently offered its AIO Cube, is now announcing LGA-1851-compatible heatsinks. In fact, the brand’s instructions state that no additional mounting system will be required!

Azza Cube kits already LGA-1851 compatible!

LGA-1851 Azza CubeAs you can see, the brand’s leaflet states that the hardware supplied is already compatible with Intel’s new socket. As you can see, the 1851 is listed several times on the exploded view of the AIO pump mounting mechanism.

This is quite logical, since Intel has not planned to change the dimensions of its socket. It retains the same dimensions as the LGA-1700, i.e. 45×37.55 mm. The only major difference is the number of contact points, which has been increased from 1700 to 1851.

If you look carefully, there’s another value that has been revised upwards: the maximum dynamic pressure, which is higher than on the LGA-1700. According to Tom’s Hardware, the heatsink will be able to exert greater pressure on the CPU.

Now, as time goes by, more and more brands will be announcing their compatibility with Intel’s new socket . We assume that some of them will launch separate mounting kits, especially for older heatsinks. But that’s the game with every new platform launch!