Lemokey L1: Keychron’s new keyboard!


The Keychron brand offers us a new keyboard reference with the Lemokey L1. This new reference benefits from an all-aluminum construction and is dedicated to gaming!

Lemokey L1: a custom gaming keyboard from Keychron!

Keychron Lemokey L1With this new keyboard, Keychron offers us a compact reference in 75% format. We find the numeric keypad, arrow keys, a few navigation keys and the F-key line. On the left, there are four additional keys for assigning macros.

Otherwise, the keyboard features a massive thumbwheel for sound management. On the right is the connection mode: wired, Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz.

Of course, the choice of switches is free, since they are ” hot-swappable “. Nonetheless, the basic package offers a choice of Gateron Jupiter Red (linear in 45g), Brown (tactile in 55g) or Banana (tactile in 59g on 3.2 mm).

Construction appears to be meticulous, with an aluminum case featuring various layers of soundproofing. The keys are a PBT keyset with a Cherry profile. As for keyboard management, this model will be compatible with GMK and VIA software.

Price: $214, in black/gray/red, blue/black/yellow and white/gray/cyan.

Here’s the Keychron product sheet!