[LABO] Corsair Vengeance RGB 6400 MT/s CL38 Kit


While Corsair’s ‘Vengeance’ series of memory kits did not yet have an RGB version, this is now the case with the launch of the new ‘Vengeance RGB’ kits. We told you about it this Tuesday in this short article. We’re pretty used to Corsair kits as we recently reviewed the Dominator Platinum RGB 6600 MT/s CL32.

Today, a Corsair Vengeance version with RGB backlighting has arrived in the lab. The kits will be available in black or white. Our example is a black version clocked at 6400 MT/s with timings of 38-40-40-84. The voltage is 1.35 volts. The kit consists of two 16 GB memory sticks, for a total of 32 GB, and is available for 354.99 euros.

The Corsair kit comes in a cardboard box with the usual Corsair colour code of yellow and black. We are on a very compact format which includes on the front the main characteristics of the kit as well as a visual of the memory strip. The labels of our two black memory sticks can be seen on the back of the box thanks to a cut-out. The labels are enclosed and protected in a transparent plastic protection. See you in a few days to discover its performance against the other kits at our disposal.