The RTX 4090 20th Anniversary first pictures!


Just recently, the Galax brand shared a teaser of a new graphics card to mark its 20th anniversary. For the occasion, we had a first image showing the outline of the card. This time, thanks to images shared by CornerJack, a member of our team, we now know what this RTX 4090 20th Anniversary looks like!

RTX 4090 20th Anniversary, the Galax card now visible!

As we can see, the brand is indeed offering us an RTX 4090. Similar to the HOF series, the board is completely white, even the PCB. However, the positioning of the fans is highly original, with two on the front of the fairing. A third is also available on the other side of the casing, on the backplate.

The backplate has been designed to emphasize the Anniversary aspect. Indeed, a “2” is drawn on the card with the “0” formed by the fan. Otherwise, towards the PCIe connector, we find a strip of aluminum, even brushed steel, very aesthetically pleasing.

Galax’s other little surprise concerns the location of the 12VHPWR power connector. This is positioned at the rear of the board’s PCB , on the PCIe connector side. There’s also sufficient clearance on the aluminum fin block to safely bend the cable in question.

The release doesn’t seem to be planned for the immediate future, all the more so as it’s a safe bet that only a few units will be available. Whether or not an international launch is planned remains to be seen. In any case, you’ll have to hurry to get your copy.