Hype: Logitech wants to add an AI button to its mice


Microsoft intends to impose the Copilot button on future PCs, but others feel that the trend should not be missed. Logitech, for example, has decided to have its own dedicated button. It already has a name: Logi AI Prompt Builder. Like gaming macros, the AI button can be used to launch customized prompts. The functionality is already available. So, after assigning an AI button to a Logitech mouse, you can ask it to rewrite paragraphs of text, to make them more concise, or to adapt them to a specific number of words. Note, however, that Prompt Builder doesn’t seem to work with the entire Logitech range… But of course, Logitech offers turnkey solutions, including an AI edition of its M750 mouse, with a blue button to instantly launch this functionality.

Logitech IA

For the time being, Logi AI Prompt Builder only works with ChatGPT, and only understands English at launch. Logitech has stated that it is working on linking it to other chatbots, without specifying which ones or when.

Delphine Donné, general manager of Personal Workspace at Logitech, said in a statement: As the bridge between people and their digital experiences, Logitech has a key role to play in the evolution of AI, both with new innovations and with our existing portfolio. The new Logi AI Prompt Builder is a shortcut to AI mastery for anyone with a Logitech mouse or keyboard compatible with Logi Options software who wants easy access to AI’s limitless potential. This is just one example of Logitech’s innovation around the many opportunities offered by AI. Frankly, it makes you dream 🙂

Ultimately, like the others, the arrival of AI seems to be a marketing ploy for Logitech to sell more peripherals. And when you look at what’s been going on around the PC in recent months, it seems clear that they probably won’t be the only company to come up with such an idea. We’ll be waiting shortly for Microsoft’s announcement, hoping that the hype will lead to concrete advances rather than yet another marketing flop.

For the record, Microsoft is holding an IA PC event on the morning of Monday May 20, just before the start of Build 2024. CEO Satya Nadella will talk about the “vision of AI through hardware and software”. This event will be closed and reserved for journalists. According to several sources, Microsoft is expected to focus on the launch of the upcoming Surface consumer products and changes to Windows, all of which are focused on AI.