H100: the super-powered gpu for AI watercooled by EKWB!


After taking on NVIDIA’s RTX 6000 Ada pro card, EKWB, the Slovenian company, is at it again. Only this time, it’s an even more prestigious product: NVIDIA’s H100. As a reminder, this is the board that NVIDIA ships by the containerful around the world, and which is destined for artificial intelligence!

EKWB offers a waterblock for the H100 PCIe !

EKWB waterblock NVIDIA H100The program includes a complete waterblock for the PCIe version of the card. It’s also a compact model, halving the board’s thickness from a double-slot format to a single slot. What’s more, the PCIe bracket is already integrated into the block, to simplify mounting. When you know that some servers integrate several cards, simplifying the task is always a pleasure.

Of course, this block will cool all the card’s critical components – the GPU comes to mind. However, HBM memory modules are also cooled, as are the power supply stages. Micro-fins are placed above these elements to improve efficiency. In addition, the brand promotes what it calls the Dual-Pass Cooling Engine. Roughly speaking, the liquid makes a first pass over one half of the heating elements before reaching the second half. According to EKWB, this solution means no loss of efficiency without sacrificing too much flow.

Finally, like all pro waterblocks, the upper part is made of nickel stainless steel with a copper base. Machining is entrusted to a CNC machine. Finally, so as not to impact negatively on the height of the board, the I/O terminal is located at the rear of the block.

As for price, it’s not cheap in absolute terms, costing over €300… However, in relation to the card’s minimum price of $30,000, this represents only 1% of its cost.

Click here for the EKWB product sheet!