Gelid launches its Silent 12 fan


Gelid has announced a new fan, the Silent 12, a 120 mm mill available in two versions, one PWM and the other non-PWM. And, of course, there are two data sheets to choose from!

Silent 12: a new fan from Gelid!

Gelid Silent 12

The program features a classic 120 mm fan. It features a square frame with rubberized pads designed to attenuate parasitic vibrations during operation. As for the blades, they number nine and feature a fairly straight profile with very little curvature.

As previously mentioned, two versions are available, one with a PWM power supply, the other without. The first, powered by PWM, will be the faster, and by extension, the more powerful. Operating at up to 1800 rpm, this version boasts an airflow of 88.6 CFM and a static pressure of 2.49 mmH2O.
On the other hand, the non-PWM model boasts a low operating speed of 1200 rpm. As for air flow and static pressure, we have values of 54.9 CFM and 0.89 mmH2O. This is the model to choose for case cooling. On a cooler or AIO, it’s clearly a little weak.

In terms of price, the bill isn’t too steep, rising from €7.50 for non-PWM to €8.50 for PWM.

Click here and here for Gelid’s product sheets!