[GAMESCOM] Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite on show!


Gamescom is an opportunity for be quiet! to unveil a little craziness: the successor to its Dark Rock Pro 4. Indeed, the German brand is taking advantage of the event currently taking place in Cologne to showcase its new fans. On the program are the Dark Rock Elite and Dark Rock Pro 5!

Dark Rock Elite & Dark Rock Pro 5, the next generation is here!

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite et Dark Rock Pro 5

At present, we don’t know anything about the characteristics of these fans, as the brand hasn’t been very forthcoming on the subject. All we know is that there are two models on the program, one more polished than the other.

The Elite features a front fan shroud that conceals the mounting system. What’s more, we learn that it’s mounted on rails for easy height adjustment, for reasons of RAM and motherboard compatibility. Otherwise, the overall design seems more polished, with an anodized aluminum section on top and an aRGB lighting system.

The Pro 5 looks much more basic, with the fan mounted via steel claws. The top cover appears to be made of plastic with a mix of mesh grilles. Now it’s hard to say whether there are differences in the radiator or not. In any case, we’re definitely dealing with a double-turn heatsink, as on previous generations of Dark Rock Pro.

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite
Dark Rock Pro Elite in the background of Dark Base Pro 901

On the ventilation side, we can guess that the brand’s latest Silent Wings 4 are at work. We’ve already seen this in the Dark Base Pro 901, so why not in the latest fans? Now all we need to know is their characteristics, but it seems that their speed can be managed on the fly via a switch. We’ve also learned that the Elite would perform better than the Pro 5, probably thanks to a more aggressive speed range on the fans, but nothing’s certain.

For the moment, no price is known, but given the format, it wouldn’t be out of the question to expect them to cost around a hundred euros. In any case, the launch is scheduled for the end of October. We’ll be sure to get our hands on one for a full review!