Galax offers a low-profile, all-white RTX 3050 6GB!


The 3050 6GB was launched very recently… Some manufacturers, such as Gigabyte and Palit, are already offering custom versions. Galax now joins the party with an all-white RTX 3050 6 Go Low Profile!

RTX 3050 6 Go Low Profile: an all-white version from Galax!

Galax RTX 3050 6 Go Low ProfileWith this new card, the Galax brand offers us an ultra-compact reference with this low-profile model. Broadly speaking, the card features a half-height PCB. However, its cooling system means it will occupy two slots in a PC case… While its length measures 17 cm.

The cooling system remains fairly basic, with a simple machined aluminum block. For cooling, we find two small axial mills just above. However, given that the TDP is 70W, there’s no need for a big cooling system here.

What’s original about this board is that Galax applies the same treatment as on its HOF series. In fact, it features a white fairing, white fans and an all-white PCB.

Nevertheless, don’t go looking for big performance: this GPU is clearly intended for 1080p gaming… And even then, not with all the details pushed to the max. Finally, the boost frequency is 1485 MHz, compared with 1470 MHz for the reference model.