Galahad Uni Fan: Lian Li AIOs with Uni fans!


Lian Li offers us a new version of its all-in-one watercooling kits. Indeed, the brand equips them with its Uni Fan SL fans on its new Galahad Uni Fan kits. As a reminder, these fans are connected in series while being maintained by the frame!

Galahad Uni Fan : retails fans on Lian Li AIO !

Lian Li Galahad Uni FanWith this series, the brand still offers us very clean and very neat watercooling kits. We will notice an aluminum pump with a radiator with brushed sides. They include the logo of the brand.

We have a choice of 240mm and 360mm radiators, sizes that are very common on the market. Concerning the colors, we find silver gray and black.

It’s difficult to be exhaustive about the pump’s characteristics since the brand does not give them. We simply know its MTBF: 70 000 hours and its connectivity using a three-pin fan plug.

Otherwise, the biggest change is via the fans which are Uni Fan SL that we already find in the catalog of the brand. These have the particularity of connecting to each other via their frame. On arrival, all that remains is to connect the last mill of the cluster to the controller.

Lian Li Galahad Uni Fan 240

As for the characteristics, the ventilation will run from 800 RPM to 1900 RPM. At full speed, the airflow generated will be 58.54 CFM for a static pressure of 2.54 mmH2O.

Before we get to the prices, a quick word on the compatibility of the sockets that supports the LGA-1000 and LGA-2000. On the other hand, nothing is said for the LGA-1700 of Intel. On the AMD side, you’ll have to make do with AM4 compatibility!

As for the price, it stings since the 240 mm version is displayed at $149.99 when we find the 360 mm at $189.99!

Here is the technical data sheet of Lian Li!