French OC Lan 2023: RTX 2080 Ti HOF under liquid nitrogen


The French OC Lan 2023 was held last weekend, and after a brief article on the world record on Pyprime, we’re going to talk GPUs with an RTX 2080 Ti running LN2. Once again, overclocker Bl4ckdot was at the helm, with a session carried out at the end of the event. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank him and his sponsor, Dstny , for their material and financial support. Thanks to professional 4G coverage, we were able to cover the event with streams without any stability problems.

In fact,Bl4ckdot provided a 1h30 live stream on the platform, based on an Intel core i9 14900KF and an RTX 2080 TI HOF from Galax.

Hardware list and feedback

Bl4ckdot used an Intel core i9 14900KF provided by Intel. CPU cooling was provided by a white Deepcool LT720 AIO. The AIO performed very well, keeping the CPU at the right temperatures for a frequency of 5.9 GHz. For RAM, we’re once again using a Galax “Hall Of Fame ” kit coupled with an Asus Maximus Z790 APEX. In other words, with motherboard, RAM,AIO and graphics card, we have an all-white configuration.

For the thermal paste, Bl4ckdot used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme, and even after 3h of cold sessions on a GPU, it didn’t fail in its task. A very good point for this paste for cold applications.

Some second-place and top-ranked scores

Bl4ckdot pushed this RTX 2080 Ti under LN2 to the limit, reaching a frequency of 2385 MHz on some benchmarks. Time Spy, Firestrike and their extreme versions of the 3DMark suite are particularly noteworthy.

With these scores, B4ckdot managed to total 203 points in hardware. We’ll be back shortly with an article on the results of 14th-generation Intel under LN2.