Expert: an RTX 4070 Ti Super in the works at MSI


As a reminder, this Expert series first appeared at CES earlier this year. In fact, we were able to lay our eyes on it during our stay in Las Vegas, as you can see here. In short, if up until now the series was limited to the RTX 4080 Super, you should know that an RTX 4070 Ti Super is also in the pipeline!

RTX 4070 Ti Super Expert: a card in the works at MSI!

MSI RTX 4070 Ti Super ExpertThis new card is based on the same design as the 4080, with an attractive champagne-colored casing. Likewise, two fans are positioned on either side of the card, while the footprint remains substantial. In fact, three slots thick and 31 cm long… Finally, if the heatsink remains identical to that of the 4080S.

Speaking of the heatsink, if it hasn’t changed, it should benefit from a steam chamber in contact with the GPU and memory. The number of heat pipes would then be increased to six, while two blocks of aluminum fins would be present.

It remains to be seen what the frequencies of this model will be, since the 4080S of the same name offered factory overclocking ! And what about the price?