Expansion slots: accessories for fan mounting


Depending on the case, it’s not easy to cool your graphics card. But a Japanese company has come up with some accessories to make the most of unused expansion slots. By fitting fans, it’s possible to improve things!

Expansion slots used as fan slots!

Japanese company Nagao offers two solutions for mounting fans on unused PCIe brackets. The first involves screwing a number of brackets, four to be precise, onto a fan. Once installed, the fan will ensure better extraction of hot air from the case. In principle, this system is available in several sizes, with a double 60 mm fan, a single 60 mm fan and an 80 mm fan.

The second option consists of two brackets for mounting two 120 mm fans in parallel with the graphics card. The aim here is to ensure improved airflow for your GPU, especially in a case where airflow is not necessarily optimal. In this case, you’ll need to be careful with the size of your graphics card, as this solution occupies two slots in a case.

In terms of price, Nagao advertises its first bracket at 1,892 yen (approx. €11.58), compared with 3,790 yen (approx. €23) for the second.

Click here and here to see Nagao’s product sheets!