EVGA new SuperNOVA Gold FTW


Two new power supplies make their appearance in the EVGA catalog. The brand has announced its SuperNOVA Gold FTW, two 100% modular power supplies with 1000W and 850W power ratings!

SuperNOVA Gold FTW: 1000W and 850W power packs!

EVGA SuperNOVA Gold FTWThe program includes two high-power power supplies, with 1000W and 850W. The 80 Gold certification ensures good performance, although there are better products on the market. Finally, to simplify wiring, cable management is entirely modular. So you don’t have to manage cables that are unnecessary to your installation.

Of course, these blocks comply with the ATX 3.0 standard and will be able to deliver up to 235 e of their power in the event of peak consumption. Internally, the design is based on a resonant LLC half-bridge circuit with DC-DC converter. A single 12V rail is also used. Protection features includeOVP, OCP, SCP, UVP, OTP and OPP.

Connectivity is based on a 24-pin ATX, a duo ofEPS12V CPU in 4 4 and four to six PCIe 6 2 depending on power. The 12VHPWR, on the other hand, is present in the form of a single connector. As for the peripherals, the number of connectors varies according to the power of the block: 12x SATA and 4x molex in 1000W, 9x SATA and 4x molex in 850W.

Now all we have to do is wait for the price.

EVGA’s product datasheets are here!