Eagle Ice: all-white RTX 40s from Gigabyte!


Gigabyte is planning a new line of graphics cards. We can expect to see the arrival of the RTX 40 Eagle Ice, white-clad cards.

Eagle Ice: white RTX 40s for Gigabyte!

Gigabyte RTX 40 Eagle Ice

If you like all-white PC configurations, this series of graphics cards is sure to please. Indeed, with this Ice line, Gigabyte unveils a series of cards featuring a gray/white fairing and backplate. However, these are the only elements that will sport this color theme, as the fans remain gray/black while the PCB is black.

The company is currently planning four graphics cards: RTX 4070 Ti Super, RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060. On this first draft, we find four factory-overclocked models. No word yet on whether an RTX 4080 Super is planned. As things stand, the 4080 Super Aero remains the only white model in Gigabyte’s catalog.

Last but not least, non-overclocked factory cards may well arrive in the future, at least according to VideoCardz.

Speaking ofoverclocking, let’s take a look at frequencies:

  • RTX 4070 Ti Super: boost to 2640 MHz vs. 2610 MHz for the reference card
  • RTX 4070 Super: boost to 2535 MHz vs. 2475 MHz for reference card
  • RTX 4060 Ti: boost to 2550 MHz vs. 2535 MHz for reference card
  • RTX 4060: boost to 2505 MHz vs. 2460 MHz for reference card

No price yet.

Here are the Gigabyte product sheets!