Dragon Alliance: an MSI ecosystem for memory OC?


As we saw over the weekend, MSI is resurrecting one of its older motherboard series: the MPower range. The latter is still focused on overclocking, of course, but on memory OC. To mark the occasion, the company is announcing its Dragon Alliance, a practice-oriented ecosystem!

Dragon Alliance, an ecosystem focused on memory OC!

MSI Dragon Alliance

In the end, the concept is simple: it’s all about sorting RAM manufacturers and their series by category. The brand has already announced a long list of compatible manufacturers and series. The list includes Kingston, Corsair, G.Skill and ADATA via its XPG brand.

The aim, of course, is to create an ecosystem conducive to memory overclocking, in order to break the 8000 MT/s barrier, as we can see. To achieve this, MSI is offering a motherboard, the famous Z790MPower. This board doesn’t go for extravagance, concentrating on the essentials with its two memory slots. Despite these two slots, the brand has worked on the signal part to limit disturbances and signal attenuation. The aim is to facilitate frequency rise.

MSI Dragon Alliance

In short, that’s what’s on offer on paper. All that remains is to see what an experienced overclocker can get out of it.