Assassin IV: an aircooling fan that can handle up to 280W


DeepCool seems to be determined to take back the crown of the “king of aircooling “. For this, the company unveils, during CES, its Assassin IV, the worthy heir of the Assassin III that we tested here. Let’s discover together the visuals shared by the brand!

Assassin IV: Support for TDPs up to 280W!

According to the visuals shared by the brand, this new model has a sober, clean line. The radiator is streamlined and devoid of any RGB lighting that some people do not appreciate.

DeepCool Assassin IV

However, what interests us most here are the characteristics of this product. Indeed, it lands in a format of 140 mm, obviously very imposing. Moreover, we notice the rather important number of copper heat pipes since they are seven. They are joined at the level of a copper base.

The cooling seems to be provided by the new FT14 fans of the brand. However, the placement seems quite original from what we can see. Indeed, in order to maximize compatibility with the RAM, it seems to be mounted in a sweater at the back of the aluminum fin block. Let’s hope it generates enough pressure to pull enough air through the aluminum fins.

Also, on the top, you can see like a small speed selector for the fan. Wccftech the “Silent” and “Extreme” operating profiles are evident. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the noise level, because for the time being, the characteristics of the fan are not yet known.