Dark Rock Pro 5 and Elite: be quiet! announces its two cooling units


Another announcement from be quiet! about its new high-end fans. The company is unveiling its future Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite. The latter having been presented at Gamescom, here they are with an official announcement!

Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite: very similar fans!

be quiet! Dark Rock EliteThe German brand is announcing two new high-end air-cooling fans. The two models are very similar in that they feature a double-tower design. Likewise, they share the same number of heat pipes and feature a nickel-plated copper base. Finally, the only really glaring difference between the two models concerns fan speed and the first grinder, which changes from one model to the other.

In fact, the Dark Rock Elite is imposing, measuring 136 (W) x 145.2 (D) x 168 (H) mm. It’s also quite heavy, weighing in at 1.34 kg. As we said, it benefits from a double-turn design, with six 6 mm copper heat pipes and a nickel-plated copper base.

Its special feature is a 135 x 25 mm rail-mounted front fan (Silens Wings). Its top cover features aRGB lighting, while its finish is brushed and anodized aluminum.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5

The Dark Rock Pro 5 has similar dimensions, but is slightly lighter: 1.29 kg. Its front fan mounting is a little more basic, via a claw system, while it swaps the Silent Wings for a 120 mm Silent Wings 4, which will ensure better RAM compatibility.

In either case, both models feature a switch to control maximum fan speed. Thus, the Dark Rock Pro 5 will run at 1500/2000 rpm in performance mode, dropping to 1300/1700 rpm in silent mode. As for the Dark Rock Elite, both fans will operate at 200 rpm in performance mode, against 1500 rpm in silent mode.

All that’s left is to talk about sales prices, which aren’t given. It has to be said that lately, the price of dual-tower fans has been on the rise. The Dark Rock Pro 5 will sell for €99.90, compared with €114.90 for the Dark Rock Elite.

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