Corsair MP600 Micro, an SSD in M.2 2242 format!


Corsair offers us a new series of SSDs. However, we’re not talking about 2280 or 2230 models. No, we’re talking about an in-between format: the 2242, making these models perfect for the Lenovo Legion Go. Anyway, here’s the MP600 Micro!

MP600 Micro: Corsair in M.2 2242 for Lenovo consoles!

Corsair MP600 MicroWith these SSDs, the company announces models adopting an M.2 2242 format and a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface. Internally, we’re treated to 3D TLC memory, while there seems to be only one 1TB model. We’ll have to wait and see if Corsair plans to add further capacities to this series.

In the meantime, the brand is announcing an SSD whose performance reaches 5.1 GB/s in sequential read mode. As for writing, we’re talking about 4.3 GB/s. Finally, random read performance is 600,000 IOPS, while write performance rises to 890,000 IOPS.

As far as endurance is concerned, the company states that this model will be able to write 600 TB, which isn’t too bad. Some entry-level models, such as the MP600 Core XT, are rated at 250TB, for example.

As for price, expect to pay €85 for this model!

Corsair product sheet!