Core i9 14900KS: high voltage to run at 6.2 GHz!


With Intel’s future spearhead, the Core i9 14900KS, expected in mid-March, some unscrupulous resellers are not hesitating to sell the CPU. Some users are already getting their hands on it. To say the least, it’s going to take a lot of power to get it running at 6.2 GHz!

14900K: high voltage required for 6.2 GHz!

Core i9 14900KS bios tensionOn the Overclock forum, user pakhtunov shares some screenshots of his motherboard’s bios. In the Extreme Tweaker V/F Point Offset tab, we can see the voltages applied per target frequency. The least we can say is that the voltage will be significant to reach 6.2 GHz. Indeed, the bios show no less than 1.498V to reach this level.

Inevitably, this will result in high power consumption, with a previous OCCT leak indicating consumption of over 400W! What’s more, heating should also be very pronounced, so expect to have to opt for a large AIO to cool it down to a minimum.

Otherwise, the user will tell us about the SP score of his processor(Silicon Prediction). P-Core CPUs show a score of 120, above that of the 14900K/F. As for the E-Core, the score of 67 is disappointing… It remains to be seen whether this is due to a bios support problem.