Cooler Master takes Enermax and Silverstone to court!


It’s not to say that patent infringements are commonplace in the computer hardware world, but lawsuits are a regular occurrence. Most recently, it was Lian Li versus Phanteks… This time, it’s Cooler Master versus Enermax and Silverstone.

Cooler Master versus Enermax and Silverstone for patent infringement!

Cooler Master vs Enermax et Silverstone

CM is suing two of its competitors, Enermax and Silverstone, for patent infringement. The latter infringe the company’s intellectual property rights and violate its patents: 10,509,446 – 11,061,450 and D856,941. Among the incriminated products are Silverstone’s IceMyst 240, PF24, PF240W, IceGem 360 and Vida 240 Slim AIO series. Enermax’s AquaFusion ADV, Liqmax III aRGB, Liqtech 360 TR4 II Slim and an RGB Controller are the problematic kits.

When it comes to all-in-one watercooling kits, there are two solutions. The first is to design theAIO from start to finish, like Cooler Master, and this requires certain resources. The second option is to turn to OEMs, of which Asetek is one, Apaltek another. Enermax and Silverstone have chosen this second option.

However, CM claims that the remote pump in the radiator (as on the Vida 240 Slim) is one of their inventions. And so that’s the reason for the lawsuit. However, if CM is directly attacking the brands that use Apaltek solutions, it’s simply because Apaltek doesn’t sell products under its own name!

Nevertheless, Cooler Master is being criticized for being a ” bully” and preying on small businesses. Other brands, such as MSI, also use Apaltek bases, without being worried by the Taiwanese company!