[CES 2024] New colors for Dark Base Pro 901 and DB 701


Also at CES, the German brand be quiet! offers us new colors for its high-end cases. The Dark Base 701 and Dark Base Pro 901 will be on display in white. As a reminder, these models are currently only available in black.

Dark Base 701 & Dark Base Pro 901 in white!

Basically, the housings remain unchanged, as they retain their original features. In the case of the Dark Base 701, we have a mesh front panel surrounded by two RGB borders. The interior will accommodate imposing components, with 185 mm for the CPU cooler and 43 cm for the graphics card. Likewise, the chassis can be reverse-mounted for head-down installation of the motherboard. Finally, for watercooling, it can accommodate 360 mm radiators.

As for the Dark Base Pro 901, this is the most high-end model be quiet! can currently offer. This model boasts an even larger footprint, enabling it to support 420 mm watercooling radiators. Likewise, it can accommodate an E-ATX motherboard, for example. Last but not least, it features a second front panel in mesh for enhanced breathability.

Naturally, both models come in all-white, with all-white ventilation. For the occasion, the brand presents its Silent Wings 4 White fans.