[CES 2024] CH780: New case from DeepCool!


With CES just around the corner, DeepCool has announced a new case, the CH780. This new model offers a clear view of the interior of the components, plenty of fan capacity and the promise of pretty custom watercooling assemblies.

CH780: panoramic view and large fan capacity!

DeepCool CH780As you can see, with this case, the brand offers us a new “aquarium”-type reference. The glass panels on the front and side of the case allow you to admire your gear, while at the same time offering plenty of storage capacity.

Indeed, the brand announces that it will be possible to fit nine 120/140 mm fans and four 200 mm windmills. For watercooling, there are three 420 mm slots at the top, bottom and side of the motherboard tray.

However, in view of the layout, the CPU cooler will not exceed 132 mm in height. In fact, the motherboard tray is very close to the side glass, with the power supply installed just behind it. However, the graphics card can measure up to 480 mm in length!

Finally, you’ll find all the brand’s signature options, such as a graphics card holder and push-pin panels. As for the control panel, there’s plenty to do with four USB-A and one USB-C!

As for the price, unfortunately, this model won’t be cheap. It’s priced at €179.99 in black, compared with €189.99. You can already find it on sale on Amazon, although availability is not yet effective.