[CES 2024] Astria aircooling fans presented by TT


In addition to presenting an attractive mod and a Tower 300 case, Thermaltake was also showcasing a new series of heat sinks. In fact, a new line of aircooling heatsinks was also on show on the brand’s stand. Make way for Astria heatsinks!

Astria: Thermaltake’s new series of aircooling heatsinks!

Thermaltake Astria Series

This series includes three heatsinks, labelled 200, 400 and 600. The 600 being the largest, it adopts a double-tower format, each housing a 120 mm fan. Six 6 mm copper heat pipes pass through the heatsink.

The 200 and 400 models feature the same single-tower design, although the number of heatpipes varies. While the 200 remains basic with four heatpipes, the 600 has six. In all cases, the heat sinks are designed to accommodate a 120 mm fan.

Of course, with Thermaltake, aRGB lighting is present on the top of the heatsinks as well as on the fans. You can, of course, synchronize it with your motherboard.

Last but not least, Thermaltake has announced performance figures capable of overcoming TDPs of 210W for the 200, 230W for the 400 and 265W for the 600. In short, a welcome refresh for the brand’s current series of fans.