Asus unveils its ProArt PA602 case


ASUS announces a new ProArt PA602 case. This new reference is imposing in size, while offering a sober, yet meticulous aesthetic. What’s amore, the airflow promises to be substantial!

ProArt PA602: the brand-new case from ASUS!

Asus ProArt PA602With this new model, the brand offers us a pretty baby measuring 245 (W) x 593 (D) x 560 (H) mm. The weight is not to be outdone either, with this reference weighing in at almost 16 kg on the scales – ouch!

However, its generous dimensions enable it to support a wide range of components. We’re talking E-ATX motherboards, 190 mm-high CPU fans, 450 mm-long GPUs and 190 mm-deep power supplies.

The two 200×38 mm front-mounted windmills should provide ample airflow. This is all the more important as the openings are wide, allowing a large volume of air to circulate. Finally, a 140×28 fan is located at the rear. If that’s not enough, there are three 140 mm slots at the top for other fans.

On the watercooling side, compatibility with 420 mm radiators is also assured at the top.

With this, this model offers a number of options and features. These include a front-mounted infrared sensor for dust detection. Otherwise, the graphics card can be mounted without tools, thanks to a clamp system in the expansion slots. For a better design, it features a compartment to conceal the WiFi antenna, as well as castors to make it easier to move the configuration.

Of course, the control panel is complete with four USB-A and one USB-C. However, it features a locket to prevent the power supply’s on/off switch from being activated by mistake!

It’s quite a piece, then, with a host of options on offer from ASUS. All this is reflected in the price tag of around €300.

Here’s the ASUS product sheet!