Asus S14NA-U12, a motherboard for Epyc 8004 CPUs!


At Asus, we can discover a new motherboard designed for servers. The brand unveils its S14NA-U12, a model designed for AMD’s Epyc 8004 processors.

S14NA-U12: a server motherboard for Epyc 8004 from Asus!

Asus S14NA-U12With this model, the brand presents a reference in CEB format (12 “x10.5”) equipped with a huge LGA-4844 socket, or SP6 for those in the know. The board also features a total of twelve DDR5 memory slots. It can accommodate no less than 3TB of RAM , or 256GB per slot.

As for daughterboards, this model features three PCIe connectors. Two of these are x16 5.0, while the first is 5.0 x8. The storage section features two PCIe 5.0×4 M.2 connectors, and is that all? No, because the card also features five MCIO connectors. Four of these support up to 8 NVMe units, while the last one gives access to 8 SATA units or two NVMe units.

Rear connectors offer only the bare essentials, with two USB-A 3.2 Gen1 and one VGA output. The network section features an RJ45 socket for managing server functions, while two 25 Gb/s SFP28s driven by a Broadcom BCM57414B1KFSBG chip take care of networking.

Here’s the Asus product sheet!