Arctic renews its entry-level coolers with the Freezer 36


Arctic’s Freezer 36 is a new addition to the range. This series renews the brand’s entry-level offering, which has until now been occupied by the Freezer 34.

Freezer 36: five entry-level fans!

Arctic Freezer 36

The program includes a heatsink measuring 126 (W) x 104 (D) x 159 (H) mm. Weighing between 890g and 917g, depending on the model.

Before tackling the different versions, it’s worth noting that the radiator has a classic structure. It features four 6mm copper heat pipes mounted in direct contact with the CPU. Clearly, this is an entry-level product.

Nevertheless, the finish is meticulous, with a top plate to conceal the heat pipe tips, and a choice of finishes: aluminum/copper color, all-black or all-white!

As for ventilation, there are two push/pull P12s. Depending on the configuration, we’ll be dealing either with non-RGB fans or with lighting. In fact, they are faster with the lights (2000 rpm) than without (up to 1800 rpm).

Last but not least, we’d like to mention the very affordable prices, ranging from ~33 € to ~49 € depending on the model. Speaking of versions, we have (available on Amazon) :

Here are Arctic’s product sheets!