Apple see a gift of 5nm


Apple would have asked TSMC to provide nearly 100 million 5nm chips for the second part of the year. This request would prepare the imminent launch of the iPhone 13 for which the forecasts would have been revised upwards.

A15-Bionic 5nm TSMC

5nm at its best for the iPhone 13

More generally, it seems that Apple has asked all its suppliers involved in the iPhone to increase the production of its components by 20% compared to the iPhone 12. Regarding TSMC, the largest part of its 5nm chips will be the Apple A15 Bionic , which in addition to being at the heart of the iPhone 13, should equip the future iPad Mini 6, which will be on sale at the end of the year.

No new M1 chips in 2021

While many speculations were swirling around the arrival of a “big” SoC Apple Silicon in the coming months, it seems that Apple has decided to focus on the current versions of its M1 until the end of 2021. The company seems to want to increase sales of the M1X MacBook Pro first and it is likely that a Mac Mini with the M1X will be launched in the fourth quarter. The next Apple Silicon SoC is expected to be manufactured using the same manufacturing process as the A15 Bionic ( 5nm), which means Apple simply made a choice in the capabilities it preempted from TSMC. For the end of the year, the iPhone will be preferred.