And a little GTX 1080 KingPin PCB for JayzTwoCents!


A little tour of the world of influence and brands with EVGA and JayzTwoCents, who received an intriguing little package. Indeed, the videographer had the opportunity to get his hands on one of the rare GTX 1080 KingPin PCBs produced. What’s more, the parcel contained the only overhauled RTX 3090 Ti PCB!

And a GTX 1080 Kingpin PCB, one!

GTX 1080 KingPinThe GTX 1080 KPE is a card that never saw the light of day, since EVGA decided to offer a KPE (KingPin Edition) version of the GTX 1080 Ti instead. However, this doesn’t mean that the brand hasn’t worked on it – quite the contrary. As you can see, the videographer received a printed circuit board of the card, one of three currently available.

As you can see, all the tracks display copper tones, and that’s totally normal. One imagines that EVGA was planning the same kind of aesthetic for this model as for the Ti version. As a reminder, the heatsink of its Ti counterpart was made entirely of copper. We imagine this was a way of matching the aesthetics of the PCB to the heatsink.

And a revised RTX 3090 Ti KPE PCB, the one and only!

RTX 3090 Ti KingPin EVTThis second PCB is literally unique, since it was the last model Vince “KingPin” Lucido worked on before EVGA discontinued graphics cards. It’s also the only revised Engeneering Validation Test (EVT) in existence.

As you can see, compared to the little 1080, the GPU is much larger, while the dual 12VHPWR connectors can be seen on the rear of the card. On the other hand, surprising as it may seem, the two PCBs are quite similar in size.

In short, it’s still very sad that EVGA has had to cease its graphics card activities. After all, time flies, and it’s been almost a year already .