An Emerald Rapids Xeon 8580 on the run!


A new leak, this time concerning an Intel professional processor. The Xeon Platinum 8580 Emerald Rapids has been benchmarked. This CPU follows on from the Sapphire Rapids models. Unfortunately, we’re only dealing with the 60-core version.

Xeon 8580: the next generation shows up!

Clearly, the CPU in question has undergone a great deal of torture, as we can see from Cinebench and Aida64. In parallel, CPU-Z is also open on the capture we have.

Intel Xeon 8580 Emerald Rapids
Source: YuuKi_AnS

What all this shows is that this is a 60-core Xeon 8580 processor with hyperthreading. What’s interesting here is the way these cores are organized. This model is equipped with P-Core Raptor Cove cores. The cores are divided into two 30-core tiles, while cache memory is increased compared to Sapphire Rapids. In fact, the cache is x2.6. L2 cache reaches 2 MB per core, for a total of 120 MB, while L3 rises to 300 MB.

However, as this is an ” ES2 ” processor, there may be variations in performance between qualification and final models. Incidentally, it’s because this is an engineering sample that frequencies are low: 2 GHz. So the scores shown on Cinebench 2024 and CPU-Z are not to be taken into account, at least not in the CPU’s current state.

This processor is part of the Emerald Rapids series, the successor to the current Sapphire Rapids. Moreover, this is a generation whose number of cores will be revised upwards, with 64-core processors expected instead of the current 60. The whole world is expected to launch in the first half of December!