Alphacool waterblocks for RTX 4070 (Ti) Super


New graphics cards on the market inevitably mean new waterblocks. Well, not quite new, since some models in the range have been overhauled and are already compatible with RTX 4070 (Ti) Super!

RTX 4070 (Ti) Super: waterblocks by Alphacool!

Waterblock Alphacool RTX 4070 Ti SuperA number of waterblocks from the brand’s catalog are already compatible with this new Super series. Eisblock Aurora models are now compatible with ASUS 4070 Super Founder Edition and TUF Gaming. As for the 4070 Ti Super, compatibility is announced for Ventus (MSI), TUF (ASUS), Gaming (MSI) and Strix (ASUS) models.

As a reminder, the blocks in question are based on a full-cover design, so they will cover the entire PCB of the boards. They will also cool the cards’ major heating elements: GPU, VRAM and power supply phases.

As for their construction, they rest on a chromium-plated copper base. Why chrome? To begin with, for resistance reasons. According to the brand, it’s a more abrasion-resistant material. Secondly, for aesthetic reasons, since it offers a more pronounced shine than nickel.

Of course, a small overhaul has been carried out, such as enlarging the surface of the micro-fins… The liquid inlet has also been redesigned to ensure a smooth flow over the fins.

As for the price, it hasn’t changed… Or very little. In any case, you should expect to pay around €160 on the brand’s boutique.