Alphacool launches Apex distroplate for Hyte Y60 housing!


A new addition to the Alphacool range: a flat distro for the Hyte Y60 housing. This new accessory will simplify the assembly of your custom watercooling loop, thanks to its reservoir and integrated pump!

Hyte Y60: a flat Alphacool Apex distro for the housing!

Alphacool Apex distro plate Y60As you can see, the latter is rather imposing, measuring 213.50 (W) x 344.50 (D) x 87.30 (H) mm. It also weighs in at a hefty 3 kg! This element will replace the glass front of Hyte’s case.

The choice of materials is acrylic for the tank part, while the threads are in chromed brass. Speaking of threads, there are six G1/4″ ports in addition to a fill and drain port.

Alphacool Apex distro plate Y60

As we said, this accessory acts as a reservoir, with an approximate capacity of 300 ml. There’s also a pump, a PWM-powered VPP Apex with a PWM signal for speed management. Speaking of speed, we learn that it will run from 2500 to 4500 rpm. At full speed, it will generate a flow rate of 340 l/h and a water column of 4.25 m.

All that remains is to mention the price, which isn’t cheap – around €300!

Here’s the Alphacool product sheet!