20th Anniversary GALAX RAM kit !


The brand offers us a special edition of its RAM. The latter is in DDR5 and includes a white heatsink. It’s a 20th Anniversary RGB series, with the year of foundation on the light bar. The memory comes in a 48 GB kit (2×24 GB) and has a rated frequency of 7200 MT/s.

RAM Galax 20th Anniversary

Of course, the RGB part supports the classic synchronization technologies of motherboards from the four major brands: ASUS, MSI, ASRock and GIGABYTE.

This memory supports one-click overclocking via Intel XMP 3.0 to DDR5-7200 profiles. The modules feature Hynix DRAM chips and a 10-layer PCB.

Galax 20th Anniversary: 24 GB RAM kit at 7200 MT/s!

  • Kit capacity: here we have two modules of 24 GB each.
  • Frequency: for this kit, we’re using DDR5, at 7,200 MHz.
  • Timings: these are -36-46-46-112.
  • Operating voltage: 1.4 V
  • PCB: this high-quality PCB is made up of 10 layers.

Availability and price

The GALAX 20th Anniversary 48 GB DDR5 Memory Kit (2 x 24 GB) is available from the GALAXY flagship store on JD.com. The price is around 297.50 euros.

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